The Might of the Quill

Sun, 09/04/2016 - 14:19 -- sethr99

Contrasting colors

Ink bleeding parchment

Scrawling thoughts and fantasy

Of far away lands of Elysium

On the shores of bliss.

The pen dances on the sea of white,

Leaving trails of memory.

Ambitions of the future.

The pondered relics,

Etched into the vellum.

In this world forged by the companionship

Of ink, steel, and thought,

I become omnipotent. Creator of all.

Hero of cities, slayer of tyrants.

Martyr of forgotten, companion of giants.

When days go dark

And the skies be dreary,

I raise the inkwell skyward,

And let my heart bleed upon the page.

For it is the might of the quill

That can vanquish all sorrows.

And by writing, I purge my own world of them.


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