Midnight Thoughts


Dang, another hour passed

Here, thinking ‘bout our past

Time slipping through our hands

Like an hourglass.

And I just sit here and just laugh,

About the little things we had.

What we had was so good,

why’d it had to turn so bad?


Here come the midnight thoughts,

Here come my cries.

I lay and think about your lies

“I love you, I love you”

Why’d you had to be that guy?

These thoughts run through my mind like a train

Wishing I can turn off my brain.

All these sleepless nights slowly making me insane.


Heartbreak? That’s new to me.

That hit hard, it fooled me.

For my guards are always up but cause of you,

I took them down.

Thinking this was simply just true love that I have found.


I’m a stupid naive girl,

Just wishing for the world.

Why’d you had to turn so cold?

I see your true colors unfold.

I close my eyes and weep.

For my feelings far too deep.

Goodbye baby, goodbye.

For you no longer mine to keep.  


This poem is about: 



sadly a peice that many can relate to.

beautiful in a sad way.

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