Middle Names

A mother is pushing a stroller with a week’s worth of food and a child inside , whom she adores , she has a man but she knows he is one she can't depend on, so alone she walks ,Independence is now her middle name, and Pride is her daughters ,as she silently hopes one day she’ll carry the same one  

        A girl not quite 13 ,sits in the corner a book in her lap , one might say she is antisocial but they'd be wrong , for the girl is fooling herself when she says she hates people ; she doesn't hate them she hates their misunderstanding ways , their judgemental stares , their vicious words , but a book has never made her feel useless,or stupid ,or left out in anyway , in fact the pages gave her a feeling of power and intelligence with every drop of ink, her’s is Wonder

          A boy with harsh life and a laugh constantly on his lips and a permanent smirk on his face ,holds the name Strong

         A man with tired but loving eyes holds a child in his lap , even though the legs holding the child up are in pain he doesn’t care , for he knows his child is well worth the work as he asks the kids of their desires not giving much thought to his own ;his name is Successful

         A woman dancing and singing in her room, gets a phone call that tells her she just wasn't what they were looking for ,she is Talented

A boy  works two shifts at a diner to feed two kids when he’s still one himself,they live on the very thin line of poverty and death ,his name is Grateful

        A teen is holding photographs , memories flash through her eyes , she feels prideful ,happy,shameful, and doomed  for she had done great things but for all the wrong reasons,and terrible things for all the right ones she is reminded of the days she had held unto the very thin branch of desperation she had found herself on the wood when the insecurity in her heavy  heart had become too much and naivety too strong for her not to get lost she is still to this day trying to find her way ,her name is Hopeful

        Later she looks at herself, and she is shocked by what stares right back a little girl in a dress and big smile on her face , the daughter, the girl with the name Pride , she looks behind her and sees her shadow is now shaped as a girl with her back bent and books in her arms her hair hiding her face  , Hopeful waves at Wonder and she waves back , another person comes up and she wonders what his  names are


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