A young girl from the Southside

Where cats shoot dice

In the sky Gwendolyn cools the air

Smog separates the city

These rich folks don’t come round ‘here

The city of the violet

Heart of the violence

Like flies glued to honey

Taste like vinegar to me

You knew there wasn’t nothing sweet

Like bitter lies and ole festered dreams

You kept pushing til life was in your reach

Boys used Tommys and Jimmys

To book girls

 I learned from you

Books lead to booking

No one can take anything from me

See there was nothing Ricky, Bobby, and Mike

Could ever offer me

See when you’re a smart brown girl like ‘Chelle

Folks tremble and flee

Too many words, Too many numbers

A girl like you can’t compete?

Smart like you, Smart like me

There’s a Michelle Vaughn Robinson

Deep in me, Because of you

One day there’ll be a little girl

Looking in them, finding me

This poem is about: 
My community


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