I was lying in my bed . With thoughts of younger days running  through my head . Some filled with sunshine some filled with rain . Some filled with laughter some with pain . Like a tidal wave the memories came flowing in . I felt like I was drowning in emotional joy and pain all over again . And then it hit like a train the truth was finally in my brain . I should have never had thought of you as mine . I guess I was to young and when it came to love dumb and blind . I'm sorry I misunderstood you when you was only being kind . I never meant to hurt you. I was just dumb and blind . So I final understand why you built a wall around your heart from man . But please don't let the hurt I caused . Hide your love behind those walls .  You have so much love to give .  It's time you truly live . And though it hurt deep inside and the lose of you has killed my pride . I just have to let the tears flow . With every word I write to show . I not the person that hurt you so. I'm not that young man you know long ago . And sorry it took so long for me to grow .


Miss Independent

Simply beautiful!

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