Where are you whats around you? unknown feelings new emotions ranging from pain to happiness too.
I woke up this morning with the vision of losing myself everything I stand for, don't let it happen I said to myself as I walked out my bedroom door.
Then it hit me like a sensation never to be felt again, my heart was in pain from my nightmare the stinging kept hitting with every solid heart beating, god what is going wrong why won't this suffering end?
Then he answered me in my mind, "Feel pain my son feel the emotions that you have left behind."
Crying and alone my mind starts to wander, what did I do to deserve this I ponder.
"Realize your mistakes but don't let them destroy you and change you make it who you are become stronger."

Following his instructions and eventually the pain was no longer.
But the damage was done and now my mind draws a blank on how to feel anymore, my emotions either M.I.A. or K.I.A. my brain said you will need them no more.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

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