MF Doom type song.

Sun, 10/23/2016 - 01:42 -- Azmatik

Ay yo azmatha fuckin matik brought to you to wreck havoc,

allthrough out your planet,

Cuntsavage, a pretty lavish, classic young man,

his cause to bring panic upon your magical land,

stashing his weed stash in the attic, 

super barbaric, spit magic, held in plastic baggies,

clearly Im legendary,

aren’t you glad we, messed around with beats,

Can see that druggies, 

seem so funny you see, when you’re tripping of life,

spend money on weed don’t ever think twice,

when I’m wrong I’m fucking right,

i leave you up all night, trynna make sense of my rhymes,

Filled with fright when,

the bright mind dragon is in sight,

cuz thats me, azmatik spit fire when I breathe with ease,

Clearly the best mc to be of course,

If you don’t like it you can take that shit to court,

law is the rhymes, and it feels no remorse, 

so if you star and shine,

you can possibly absorb the time, 

from the shitty crime, 

We’re all trapped here, some blessed with money the rest,

always try to impress and be the best, 

some freezing, no less, trapped with demons, I rest my case,

basically, I spit for the ones who live in the middle place,

The ones who have some, but still fiending to get some,

Fuck! I think I let my lyrics run,


Newsflash, you gotta pick up the clues fast,

Still a nuisance,

Fucked up all my blueprints,

my firm grip saves me from shit trips,

I don’t know if y’all can feel this,

lemme be honest again,

I don’t give a shit your opinion,

illiterate bitch step back and give me give me some,

my slick twist of lyrics, pops if you hear it,

Realest fake mother fucker I tease, rolling heeze with my weed,

its a dream, to me it aint no thing,

Check it I was driving down the boulevard in my ford, no lexus,

don’t know how to drive so this message,

Isnt impressive, I have a confession,

my obsession with weed has me stressing,

paranoia is constant. theres no resting, boy that’ll do it for ya,

take my fake baretta to your head,

the mind blowing shit I spit, is kinda ridiculous

venoumous, going through all your body unknowingly

I just hope, hope I murder beats.

This poem is about: 



Im still learning how to write raps, I just kinda made stuff up here. But im building my skills to become greater than I already am.

I wanna put more story telling and meaning, and sense into my rhymes. I really feel like I have something great that I want to harness.



How did you start I aam new and want to learn?

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