The Metamorphosis

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 11:44 -- Rai

The memory was always starts to fade a little now

The unsettled push and pull of the heart

Think of a million new days, suns, moons, and stars

It will pass


A floweret of blossoming identities to start anew

To tug and scrap, thrash and tear against the silken walls of a sheltered and vulnerable cocoon

A metamorphosis of the soul, body, and mind

Yet little by little the transformation will come to fruition

The days passed slowly and painfully

The crescent moons sat perched under the windows to my soul

Cloaking their reflections and draining them of their light


A world


A mind

Sat in the confined walls of a warring subconsious

Nothing was felt

Days drag their hind ends through the dirt

Nights are a quick breeze

The darkness learned to hide...

And seek

Now it learns to stay

Until it seeps from the cracks and is allowed to prowl


Lessons were learned and the healing has already begun

A mistake, is always a mistake until a lesson is learned

What remains of a hollow husk is a whisper in the wind

A memory...


New memories…



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