The sweet smells of the new air I breathe is simply unique.

I walk up the stairs to put my things away; I see my brothers, they greet me with smiles that stretches from shoulder to shoulder.

I change my clothes.

I wake up the next morning to get ready for school and I notice that there is someone in the bathroom.

He walks out.

I walk pass him, I can feel his eyes removing my clothes inch by inch. I simply say "Goodmorning".

I shut the door.

I get dressed and head off to school with the image and feel that someone is watching my every move.

I come home to see my step mother who greets me with open arms and an open heart.

Its been a year.

The first message I recieved was from the person on the couch. He stares at me as I open the text and he watches the reaction on my face and I cry. His eyes are buring in my soul.

I read the message.

The message shocks me, not because of what was because who it was from. Then tears began to roll down my face and reached my mouth and they were as salty as mangos. I loved mangos it was the favorite fruit that me and the person on the couch would eat together.

My mind begins to wander!

2 years pass!

Now its been two years and its been 25 messages exactly asking out of impatientness from my own flesh!

Ihave cried so much that my tears have created walls to protect my eyes from the abominable messages from those I thought who loved.

3 years pass!

It has now been 3 years and 30 messages have been sent to my phone from the only person I would share my secerts with. The only person who has excepted me for who I am. Only of few that I could honestly call my Brother and mean it.

HE is no long my brother he is now a stranger!

Everytime that I was sleeping I worried he would come in and take it because my brother was now a stranger to me. I could no longer trust.


I had to tell before anything bad happened. I had to tell to save myself from drowning in my own tears. I had to tell so my mother would blame herself.

I tell; my dad cries with glit. my step mom doesn't give me as much as a sideways glance.

So now I'm stuck in a place where I never imagined to be...

And my mother still blamed herself!



snap snap snap snap

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