A message to an old friend

How could you sit and do nothing

Won't move blame it on a disorder

Say maybe I'll start in the Spring

Say you  wish you had the same desire as her


You know you could be limitless

But you're scared people will think of you less

Always telling people it's because of your past

I guess that's why you'll always finish last


You'll reject the help and say I'll do it myself

But you can't because you don't even know yourself

Blame it on what you were born with

But peple would die to have the oppurtunites you were born with


You won't be able to see the wrong through right

Because you only suround yourself with wrong instead of right

I wish you could realize your potential

Stuck in your ways, believe your influential


In the end, I hope you understand 

I was only trying to build you a platform so you could stand 

But for now I'll be me, you'll be you

Just remeber I'll never think of you less

Once you realize you are forever limitless 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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