Message To The Hater

What exactly do you think you are?

Always up and running yet a fake star.

You expect to put everyone under you

Well time’s up kid, or should i say due?


You make a perfect boss but not of me

That’s cause it’s not just meant to be.

How about you pause a bit and man up?

Or maybe bring your whole crap to a stop.


You ain’t my class, oh that hurts my feelings

Maybe because you don’t know of my dealings.

Just a penny’s worth advice, be very careful

The toll life takes on us could be very stressful


Incase you forgot, i’m the record breaker

Apart from that i’m also an history maker.

My streak is too long to be ever broken

And my treasures too safe to be stolen.


Talking of feuds and battle i got nothing to lose

To take on me, i’m afraid you ain’t got the juice

So save everything for when next you’re ready

For my personal preparations is always daily.


Keep deceiving the world in God’s name

Keep thinking that this is a new game.

What follows behind as Nemesis is near

The punishment oh friend, ain’t dear.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world
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