I aspire to inspire desire

Call it a will to spit fire in my poems

Name me Alduin, Eater of Words

Call me cold blooded and hot headed

But first, you will call me dreaded

For my words are poison

Sink them into your skin like mercury

If you are too dense you'll have no part of me

I don't want no golden girls

Give me the dirt


I want the women who are dependant of my venom

Inject my words into your cranium

Like 10mL of some sweet, sweet heroin

There will be no hero in our story

We are all antagonists

No pros, only cons and con artists

No go procure my cure, my touch

For my vocal bile will keep you in denial of my abusive style

Call me senile, but for a while I didn't know your name

Can you fetch me something to eat... uh, honeybear?

Can you bear with me when I bare my teeth at you?

Will you let my bare skin rub up against you?

Can you tell it's me using you?


My silver tongue isn't solid

My words have no base

They are acidic and mercurial

Dip you tongue into my mouth and like a litmus test it will return red

Now stop the car

Put it in neutral

My acidity will fill this city to the brim with inconsistency

And the only cure is for me to spit my fire onto every basic chick

Call me a neutralizer

Call me a neuraliseur

Hear look at this

Wait for the flash



You aspire to inspire desire

You will desire to aspire and inspire others to be like you

You've been six feet under the mercury sea that is me and you have been found golden

My tongue cannot rest until the best have been put to the test

And shown that a little dirt on the outside may keep you afloat in a sea of insanity

But to reach Atlantis, a city of gold with gates open to all, you must learn not to follow me

And you must learn to fall.

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