Mental War


You’re a hero in all the sticky crimson lies.

Aren’t you proud soldier?

Forever stained with back-home grateful eyes.

Where’s this so called ‘danger’ you saved us from?

Thank you, we’re in your gratitude, but what about him, forever dead?


Matted obsidian strands of hair,

Lifeless limbs trampled on without a care.

Wield that gun higher, he’s innocent like you and vigor,

Now pull the trigger.

Quiver, hesitate, show some mercy for your opponents’ sake.


It’s not in your shaky hands.

The fear of being a coward pulsing adrenaline in your veins.

The dead man had a damn family, he had plans.

Can you still kill for our sake or will the guilt drive you insane?  


He was a savior to his own land,

Ring a bell my friend?  

Now he’s drowning in a pool of himself, ain’t that grand?

Why does this have to be his twisted end?


The unshaven toned face of his hollow.

His eyes were ignited with hope.

Not a comrade, it’s not better to shoot though.

Oh how the sharp bullet pierces the once pumping heart of our foe.


I thought heros don’t perish,

They’re supposed to fight for our justice.

How come there are two sides battling for our rights?

Exclaim your amazing deeds with garish.

Hero, is he not your acquaintance?!


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