Mental State of the Traumatized



Close your eyes.  Listen to the sirens surrounding you, muffling the sobs and screams.  Fear engulfs your mind as you remember the harsh reality.  Open your eyes.  You're sober now and see in the corner of your eye your friend staring at you with blank, lifeless eyes.  The eyes that moments ago were pulsating with blood.  In the rear view mirror is the pieces of your two other friends.  How could this have happened?  You thought you were fine until the lights of that oncoming car were parallel with yours.  What have you done?  Not only did you destroy your friends lives, or their families, but you've destroyed someones who didn't deserve to be destroyed.  A silent tear rolls down your bloodstained cheek.  The piercing blue lights surround the heap of metal you are trapped in.  You feel death all around you and pray you were among them.  A living presence rips your door off its seal and air rushes in your lungs.  This is it.  You glance slowly at your friend in the passenger seat as they pull him out.  His lifeless body shines in the blue lights and his eyes burn into your skull.  He is gone.  You are haunted by those eyes that never escape your thoughts.  A tug at your arm and a voice drifts you back to reality.  You are safe now.  But is being alive what you truly want?  Or is the reality and haunting memory too much too bear? Close your eyes.  And never drink and drive. - Monica L. G 


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