The mental illness stigma


Get over it.
As if it were a hill I could climb.
Get over it,
As if I could jump high enough to reach the other side.
Get over it,
As if I could, because I would, but I can't 
Get over it. 
There are excuses I could make
But more often they are already said
by people who use my disorder as their shortcut.
So I end up cut short when I admit what plagues me
because they say to me, it's just an excuse.
Everyone is a little crazy. 
Get over it. 
These days I find myself believing that everyone
feels the way I do. 
Because everyone has shit they're going through.
But as everyone gets over what held them back.
I'm stuck here to face the facts that I can't just
Get over it. 
This isn't a hurdle or a bridge. 
This isn't a crack on the sidewalk. 
This is me. 
Something I cannot change.
Joke about it, sure.
I'll get over it.
Just as you would get over someone reducing you 
to anything less than your approximated value. 
I don't expect you to understand what I'm going through,
because you don't have to.
And something's you won't understand. 
So get over it,
because you can. 
- Sonya LeBlanc



wonderful. this is amazing.


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