Men's Hairstyle And Christianity

Why do the men in the churches trim their hair so low to show the scalp?
Some Christian men shave their heads to please their religious organization

Does the Bible specify the length that a man’s hair should be?
Is being bald a requirement for men to be a true Christian?

1 Corinthians 11: 14 says that long hair is a dishonour to a man,
But this scripture does not harmonize with the story of Samson

Who among us can reason that Jesus’ long hair was a dishonour to him?
Although Christians think differently, there is a clear contradiction

Dishonour is not a sin; some people regard others with dishonour
In this context, dishonour literally means shame and disgrace

For example, a student gets 25% in an exam, so the student feels ashamed
And the student’s parents and friends regard this as disgrace

God wisely created man exactly the way he wanted man to be
Who came up with the idea that God does not approve of men with long hair?

If God really wanted only bald-headed men to worship him,
Then why did he designedly make some males with long hair?

Although nobody knows the exact appearance of Jesus Christ,
The Christians have never painted a portrait of him with a bald head

They teach us that Christians are disciples of Jesus Christ, a Nazirite,
Yet they make it seem that men with long hair will not go to heaven

Will only bald-headed men live forever on a paradisiac earth?
Imagine the future world full of men with very little or no hair

Nobody should judge a man by his hair as to whether he is a Christian or not
God examines a man’s character and the intent of his heart, not his hairstyle

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