She hung up the phone and a tear fell from her eye

Her voice rang sadly at her last goodbye

No more long nights together living their youth

Reality hit hard, voicing the hard truth


We wasted our time, thinking we had enough

Back then, we never thought it would be this tough

The red white and blue rings the anthem sung

Looking up at every flag, inside I grow numb

I hang my head as I plead to the breeze

Please, can we rewind the memories?


I lie awake at night

You keep running through my mind

The minutes turn to hours with great ease

As my mind keeps rewinding these memories


Time is too valuable to expense

We waste it without any consequence

Until the day it dawns on you

 When you lose something that holds true

I’d never thought I’d feel so inane

When I can’t hear you say my name


I grow stronger each day you aren’t here

The red white and blue still calls you there

Someday we’ll make up for the time stolen from us

I promise our friendship is ageless

We’ll make it through, this I can see

But for now, let’s rewind these memories 










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