Memorial Serivce

The uniform that seperates the heros from the citizens are donned by the many who want to protect what they love, forged by countless training they head into the unknown with only the familiar sky and explosions above.
Lives taken buddies lost "We weren't trained for this man." all of their suffering was to protect this land.
Not just at home but around the globe, they all fought their hardest but not all of them made it home.
But to the ones that came back in one piece, thank you for making sure those agressors did not disturb the peace.
Your honor and dedication to this country are praised more than you can ever feel and see, even though it can't atone for the lives taken that you've seen.
Today is the day we celebrate the ones who made it home and the ones lost, from america and around the world we thank and salute you "Ooh Rah."

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