Memoirs of a Healer



 I am who I am.

I am a creation of life, a challenge of man in the form of woman. 

Inside I am simplistic, though my soul craves a complexity of understanding.

Inside of this shell, you will find a desire for something more.

A realization of reality so flawlessly separated from fantasy.

I am a soul that desires the healing touch of nirvana.

The guidance of light from the darkness in which I was born into this world.

To know who I am, I ask of so little.

I ask only for the company of intuition and deep intelligence.

I am here solely for the purpose of positivity and creation.

I am a person of abstract view on life and the cycle in which we repeat.

Who am I you ask?

I am a reflection of the determination to survive.

A well balanced being with a deeper meaning than basic life. 

 I am a passionate soul. 

I am a believer of things most don't understand.

I have walked through fire and I have seen the face of evil.

But my journey is only beginning for I have a hundred more lives to live.

I am a memoir of pain, sorrow, despair and shame.

But slowly I rebuild myself through thoughtless meditations.

And amongst the silence I wish for you, that state of comfort.

To feel the light seeping in, to carry away your troubles.

I am who I am.

I am a healer, a lover, a protector, a teacher, and maybe someday, an inspiration for a simplistic world, so consumed by fantasy. 


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