Melt The Golden Chains

Lo, my Reaper to thy beloved

How hath looked upon me bold?

When the Rains have happened there of

And left your Legacy in Gold.


With the hilt of a broken Icon,

And lightyears away, a friend,

Wrought from you a lion,

The Dark Age is no end.


Burn, my lover, and wash it all away,

Let thy saly tears condensate,

And dash it to say,

We must no longer wait.


Hear the songs of your once lover,

To remind you of her and me.

Let your anger cover,

To break the chains not once free.


The eagle has its wings,

To float you from the ground.

To dip and swerve from things,

Until you are homebound.


Mars is waiting for her Gold,

And a beast is on the moon,

Stalking red eyes now old,

Choose wisely, for it is soon.


Lo, my beloved Mustang to thy.

How hath waited upon me so?

When an eagle has taken to the sky,

To eclipse my dying woe.


Fate is not a wind to carry me,

The connection of my people will.

But where are they, might I see?

I took to slaughter and feel a chill.


Luna is lightyears away to,

A feral heart beaten.

There is logic in lieu,

But my haste is never cheapened.


Borne from the swill,

And into hell I go,

I the Reaper will kill,

And reap what I sowed.


I of burdens and how heavy,

I have the world but broken,

And you the half levee,

Let them become a token.


Let us stomp on martian soil,

And let the red consume us,

Where I have brought the spoil,

Of my once wife discussed.


Rage war and let the fire burn.

The dry grass of a slingblade,

My razor inspires the blood churn,

And the wings of the eagle offers aid.


We will meet again, Sovereign,

Where our son waits with you.

With the wife of the feral goblin,

And the Legacy that will continue.



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