That Melody

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 22:21 -- DawnP


That melody, that melody, that haunts my wretched brain,
It fills my dreams by night it, it follows thought by day.
That melody, that melody, its source I think of in vain
It is ever with me, whether I sit or stand or lay.

That melody, that melody is crystal in mine ear
It seems to reminisce of sorrow and things somber.
Always far away  and yet ever so near.
I mourn its dread as it peals like tolls of thunder

That melody, that melody, it sways and turns once more,
And not unlike a haunted ball room waltz does it ring.
One can almost hear the sound of feet upon the floor.
Is it real? Is it there? Oh what a tormenting thing!

That melody, that melody is there forever till I die,
Once I loved it, but now I long for peace!
To say I wished it to remain would be but a lie!
But someday that melody, that melody will cease.


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