Before you, my heart was failing. I couldn’t breathe, see, or feel. I was on the verge of dying before I met you. As soon as I saw you walk through those hospital doors, I knew you were the medicine I so badly needed to survive. My heart grew stronger because you filled it with love and hope. I can truly say that without a doubt, I can’t live without you.


                            I love you.


The most common and deadly thing has just happened to me. Someone, somewhere, has just broken my heart. I can just feel it aching and breaking. It’s shattering into pieces as we speak. It was so bad; I had to be immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. As soon as I arrived, the doctors realized that there was nothing they could do to help me. I was then transferred to a more experienced hospital and found that they too, could not help mend my heart. Things were crazy. I was later transferred to the best hospital in the state and realized nothing was getting better for me. I was slowly loosing energy, health and strength. For a moment, I went blind. Then, I couldn’t hear. Next, I couldn’t touch or feel. As I was sitting on my bed, I realized that no one was aware of my illness or where I was at. Three different hospitals later, I was told someone had come to see me. I opened my eyes and realized I could see again. There was a tall and illuminated figure standing before me; and there you were. Your deep brown eyes captivated me and the warmth of your touch caused my heart to increase in size and speed. I was slowly regaining strength; I began to hear you speak to me as if we’ve known each other for years. You told me everything you knew about me and yourself. You told me that we were meant to be together, that we were madly in love with each other. I believed you. To me, it was love at first sight and that alone could help me regain my strength. Then, you kissed me. It was slow and long, sweet and gentle. Your kisses woke me up and dragged me out of my sense of loneliness. All in all, I grew stronger. I now longed and needed your sweet chocolate kisses to survive. I needed you to hold me to keep myself from growing cold and weak. I needed to hear your voice in order to function properly. It was you that I needed most and now that I have found the medicine I so badly need, I would like to order a lifetime-supply. I was up and running out of that hospital and we carried on with our lives, together. A month after I met you, you met my parents. They too, also loved your ways. A week later, you proposed. When I said yes, it was out of habit. I knew I had to be with you and that I couldn’t make it without you. Truth is, I think that every night before we met, I have dreamt of you. I have dreamed of your dark skin clashing against the light color of my own. I have dreamed of our lives beginning and ending together. I've dreamed of our lives being wholesome and free. I have dreamed if us before I even became to know what love was.  I was in love with you for longer than any of us knew and it’s because of that that keeps me holding on to you. I am a branch and you are my tree. Together, we grow and lean upon each other for help and strength. Together we are one, we sway in the wind in the same direction at the same speed; we connect. I am to you as you are to me. We are one, not two. The day has finally arrived for us to get married. Our families have met, my dress is here and on, and you are waiting on me at the altar. We have only been together for 2 months and yet it’s like I have known you for years. When the time comes to read our vows, I already know exactly what it is I am going to say. There was no real need to write them down because I knew from the heart that what I was about to tell you was true and sincere. I wrote down my vows anyways, just to have and hold. As my father gave me away and the first part of the ceremony was over, it was time for us to read our vows. Here is what I wrote:

Skin so smooth

So soft

Eyes so deep of a brown

Complexion is just the same

Tall like a tree I would love to climb

Limb after limb…

Branch after branch

I connect myself to you like

A hanging ornament on an

Extravagant Christmas tree

Soon, the weather changes

Slowly over time, I rust

You keep growing like

The strong tree you are

I was first at eye level with you

Always on your mind

But as my passion for you grew

So did you

And there was I was, slowly tarnishing

And rusting away

Your limbs became too much for me to handle

So you shook me off

Along with all of your other

Dead things

There I lay…waiting

For you to once again notice my shine…


You are the reason of my being. Without you, I could not go on in life. You are my sun in the middle of a gray day. You are the will I need to survive. Without you I could not breathe, I could not see, I could not touch or feel. There was a time right before I met you that I was breathing my last breath. I was on the verge of dying and as soon as you touched me, my heart filled with joy. I was once again filled with the sense of love, the sense of joy, the sense of being cared for. I love you, in every sense of the word. We were always meant to be together. The world would not make sense if you and I were not together for even a moment. Our world would fall off its course and I would not be here. You have turned me into the person I am today. I love you for that. Thank you for being the only person that has ever believed in me. Thank you for being the only person who has ever allowed me to be myself. I promise that I will always love and care for you until my very last breath. I cannot wait to be the woman of your dreams.

I do. 


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