Stop embracing the cathartic abstract carnage of a heartless artist. 

The bar is, set so low that we praise harmless marches for the hardship of recently departed targets of darkness, victims to the twisted system we claim to abhor.

Step out from the addictive vintage rhythm, sickly symptoms, I’m panic-stricken, watching the world play chicken with dangerous falsely depicted dictums claiming written wisdom.

Albeit a decree of deceit. They say: Don’t eat meat, don’t let greed eat me. Don’t let freedom be free. Abstain from the mundane ingrained pain within, the fall of men, but truthfully we’re stained with sin. Thespian pedestrians tuned into a hypnotizing message of hate.

Let’s defy the capitalist swine, with their receding hairlines aligned behind columbine declaring takeover. 

Yet we all rely on Asian medication, a new haven nation of sedation, their drug just happens to be dollar signs, fine wines, and fine white lines. So who are we to judge?

Broken minds are faced with the realization that separation of congregations, the discontinuation of an oscillating civilization is intoxication. Medication.

Just a distraction from grave reality. 

Daisies and bumblebees.

deported divorcees, sea horses. 

Paninis and manatees.

Pleasantries and drinking antifreeze.

A lonely aged elite with a master’s degree from the academy of living agony, another casualty of the galaxy, our mortality. We callously esteem him as a symbol of an extreme regime of totality, his philanthropy brutality. Ironically, all my words are blasphemy. They have to be. Rational sanities a malady. It’s the tragedy of our human condition’s finality. Who do we payback for the injustice? Our fathers. Generational pain.

Just stay broke. Don’t hate the system, just stay broke. Just stay broke. Don’t hate lineage. Just stay broke. I’m a descendant of mutual experience. Just stay broke.


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Our world
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