Media, the virtual fourth pillar of democracy
Celebrated for her impartial and true description
Of facts, figures, truth, stats and data
Keeping check on govt that often went ashtray
Playing role of guardian angel of democracy with aplomb
How long it can survive in the isolation of purity?
Termite of communalism made first pillar legislature caved in
Executive the second pillar forever concerned with their benefits and rewards
became a willing partner
Leaving structure of democracy at the mercy of fanatics
Who crumbled the structure with hatred the acid most foul
Judiciary the hallowed fourth pillar became hollow with passage of time
In the end it was left to media the fourth pillar to save the day
It soon came to terms with the new reality
Times have changed and balance now shifted
In few chosen hands for whom democracy was just a ruse
To enforce their brand of rule that was less of democracy
More of a dictatorial rule called mobocracy
Media, the fourth pillar too joined the orgy and defiled democracy
What you see is only the ruin of a grand fortress called democracy

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Our world


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