I once met a young woman by the name of Ashley,

So beautiful she was to me.

With hickory eyes,

she had a heart-warming smile that caught me by surprise.

So shy she was,

hesitant to believe she was pretty.

I tried daily to show her what her beauty did to me,

wobbly knees and sweaty palms.

Around her, 

my heart was never calm.

Despite my efforts to help her see her beauty,

she always felt as if my eyes deceived me.

So what she wasn't a size zero?

regardless of her weight I still wanted to be her hero.

I wanted so fervently for her to see that a woman's worth shouldn't be measured by her waistline,

or by how shapely her body was designed.

Outer beauty is only skin deep. 

It's something she can't always keep.

True beauty lies within the heart and soul.

It radiates outward, creating physical and spiritual beauty as a whole.

Beauty is her capacity to love and care,

not the length or color of her hair.

Not only Ashley, but every woman should see,

that her worth is measured by the size of her heart, not the size of her jeans.

Any man that truly loves his woman will prove this to her by any means.

Love is not measured by the numbers on a scale but by the depths of our hearts and our ability to see beyond the veils of human flaws and imperfections. For everyone needs affection.

So, Ashley, open your eyes and realize that the size of your hips and thighs won't bring your demise from a heart that has found where true beauty lies.

These measurements, all these unnecessary measurements couldn't outweight the size of your heart.



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