Days in, days out,
Drifting on.

Yesterday becoming today
Today becoming tomorrow
All waiting
On something.

And yet,
There is nothing.

Just a dullness
That encompasses
Every act, every thought, every word.

All is still,
All is silent,
All is unmoving and unchanging.

Another day goes by
Without purpose.

Everything under the sun
Works, breathes, seeks, desires;
And yet it is empty,
It is vain,
It is meaningless.

Humanity is
Born, is alive,
And is dead
All in a short time.

Life is a candle
Blowing out,
A wisp in the wind,
A vapor drying up.

Some are remembered,
Some are forgotten,
And all come and leave.

If the earth
Was all there is
Life would remain
Without hope,
Without purpose,
And without meaning.

If life
Had no design
Would be nothing.

And yet,
People would rather live
In a world void of meaning
Than to accept the truth-
God is real.

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Our world
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