From me to you

The guy I'm thinking about is the pure essence of childhood, simple and caring, knowing that life is full of fleeting moments.  

   He has a heart of gold, far more valuable than any jewel in the world..

Not only that but, his undeniable charm can put just about anyone under his spell.

  After one glance at his eyes, he makes  everyone wonder what their favorite color is.  

I can't help but to get lost in his eyes as I try to figure out what is it that makes his eyes so special. 

   Although his eyes provides me with the world's 8th wonder, his arms provide me with a safe haven.   

His arms, strong enough to keep me safe, are incapable of causing me any harm.

    His words have the power to make me feel as pretty as a flower, however, they also have the power to make my petals fall.

    Despite that, he is cautious not to say anything that could make this flower wither.   

Because of that, I know there is no one better to love me, than the guy with the golden heart.

   That is the guy I am I love with, and he is the only one I trust with my golden heart.


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