Me, Myself, and I


I am the perfect man that can shoot an 18 on 18 holes.

I can persuade any woman to love me.

I have the best heart and soul.

I can’t help the fact that I make THE best tea!


I am the man that doesn’t know any better.

I am the one who makes countless mistakes every day.

I am the one to always upset her.

I can’t help the fact I don’t make enough pay.


I am the one who overcomes mistakes.

I can’t help but ponder over my perfect life.

I can cure anyone’s heartaches.

There isn’t a day where I’m filled with strife.


“Why can’t I live the perfect life that I deserve.”

You don’t deserve this and you’re not supposed to.

God is there for you, why do you act so obscure.

You can’t avoid him, you clever shrew.


I am the good samaritan.

I am the one who will indefinitely make mistakes.

I am the man that is flawed but content.

I am the man that will live to spread his word.

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