This is me

This is what I do 

This is who I am

I use pen and paper to try to explain myself.Write down non-verbal words that can not be said.People don't seem to understand me when I speak, so maybe y'all can understand me when I write. I write to free my mind To relieve the hate,disappointment and all the emotions that I feel.See I don't need to be heard I just need to be understood not misunderstood.So can you at least try to understand me and who I am? I'm writing because I have something to say .I would say it out loud but I don't think I will ever be heard.Now Do you understand? I don't think you do. When I have something to say I don't say it out loud because in my life it feel as though paper is a better listener than a human ear can be. Written words is my only friend. I'm tired of not being heard and always misunderstood.I'm always looking around for some one to listen and when no one is there.I go to pen and paper.These words is who I am And writing is what I do.I'm a writer and I tell my life story in written words.You don't have to understand my words but you will respect them.I write because I feel free.I can write what I please and give no fucks what you think.I write to express who I am andI am words .I am words that refuse to be spoken and wants to only be written.I would rather write words and be read and misunderstood than to speak words and never be heard. I no longer want to be heard I just want to be me .This is who I am .This is what I do. I write for me Writing is me.     


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