The "Me"

This world tags pigs with lying notions

Makes masks to cover true emotions

Fools the wise, “this is right, that is wrong,”

A painted beauty, twisted all along.


But, in the rare cases, we can find

Those who stand out and shine

Who look inside to see…

Who really is this “Me”


I for one have searched so far

Distanced to and fro the star

Sailed the depths of my thought,

Searching how this “Me” I wrought,


I traveled the heart’s whole path

Uncovered the truth he hath

Of what defined him truly…

I discovered my own “Me”


Now, the question arises

To answer “Me’s” disguises

And answer I will ,with my might,

This truth that has been brought to light


Like a wax candle mold,

Every “me” has a story told,

Mine, however, is quite unique,

Shaped finely my “Me’s” physique


What makes “Me”?

The variations of a personality?

Loveable, giving, forgiving, or kind?

An ear, an eye, a soul, a mind?


It is the experiences I have and will face,

Every step I took through life’s endless race,

That is where my “Me” I find,

This is where my “Me” is mine.


Through overcoming the obstacles and tribulations

That life throws by chance’s allocations,

Through the waves beating the sea,

That is what has made my “Me” 

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