This is Me


I am not the façade society demands

I am not my reputation

I am not the mutterings under their breath

I am not a dumb blonde


I am the fire in my eyes

I am the passion in my heart

I am the hidden depths of my soul, shied away from sunlight, behind years of built up walls

I am the dimensions no one sees


I cannot be defined by numbers

I will not be explained with simple words

I will not be brought down

I am not a typical paradigm


I am hidden hopes

I am secret smiles shared

I am tears of laughter

I am organized chaos


I am not fear of fate

I am controller of my own destiny


I am not the almosts, the what ifs, the could haves, the would haves, the should haves

I am the chances taken; the opportunities seized


I am not where I have been

I am where I’m going


I am not what has happened to me

I am not a victim

I am a survivor

I am the strength after a fall


I am not the past

I am the future


I am not a failure

I am a success story in the making

I am the creator of my own happy ending


I am from the hands of God

I am His princess

I am a divine creation

I am a masterpiece


This is Me


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