This Is Me

I’m a walking, talking paradox

My Instagram is a sea of irony

On my Insta you’ll find selfies of mine making that duck face

Which is ironic because I’ve never been kissed

But pardon me of my gentle lips are waiting for the gentleness of a gentleman willing to wait for my gentle hand

On my Insta you’ll find glitz and glam and myself at my 100% best

But in all honesty I prefer fuzzy socks and sweats

On My Insta you’ll find selfies of mine looking surprised

But I’m really not one to be shocked

Who am I behind the camera?

In school you’ll see me and my inconsistence

Bum days because theres no point

Or hella days when I’m on point

I’m inconsistent, never one thing but my outer is not what defines me

Who am I?

I'm that quiet girl in the front row

Listening and observing the human symphony of gossip, complaints and whispers

I’m that quiet girl in the front row that goes unnoticed

Staying focused on remembering that I’m more than an airbrushed facade of so called perfection

Thats why when I speak I’m not questioned

There is no detection of anything but a genuine conversation

With no filters I’m a blank face

Not because I’m unhappy

I actually am happy

But the truth is my Asian eyes disappear when I smile

And I want the world to look me in the eyes into my soul and see the real me

With no filters what does the world see?

The appearance of a super shy bookworm

Who is mean and sarcastic

Not too drastic of a description but in my opinion that is fiction

The reality is that is just my face

Take a picture of me candid

And there is a shy one and her stillness

Or a girl who knows how to listen

Unfiltered, I boast in my silence

I can be a friend

I will listen

If part of you is lost I’ll help find what’s missing

If part of you is broken I’ll help fix it

This is me

I am the girl who is loud in thought, quiet up close

Ready to listen

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