This is Me

I am from controversy and speaking my mind,

            From resolving conflicts quickly

I am from Steeler games and black and gold,

            From two super bowl championships coupled in with hard losses

I am from Rush concerts and guitar pics

            Long tail gates at Red Rocks, walking in Austin in 106 degree weather

I am from my Grandpa’s backyard.

Playing Indians, Little House on the Prairie, and Elves, to name a few Hide and seek wars. Grandpa’s lights and Grandma’s closets

I am from family: holidays, and Grandma’s cooking

            From living with my grandparents when my parents divorced

Traditions, church, food, raised Catholic, humor, and laughing, and Republican sentiment.

I am from paint chips and paint tape; I painted the majority of our house, I rolled the roller

            A neighbor yelling at me because I poured paint in her gutter

I am from making up raps with my sister about our grandparents being married 60 years

            Performing the rap in front of priests and nuns

I am from the desert with open skies and open air,

 The mountains are my walls they make me feel safe.

I am from green chile, my tolerance growing for spicy foods.

            I put the chile on spaghetti like my Grandpa real salsa not that Texican stuff

I am from educators, my whole family is teachers

            I would be a teacher, but I have been advised to not go that way.

I am from the pool, a blue bath of chlorine that I constantly dip my body into.

            My sweat is poured into that pool, it is invested not only with swimming but water polo.

            The unbreathable air rips at my lungs, but I know I cannot stop.

From long swim meets and tournaments where the only things to do are eat, creep, and sleep.

I am used to boys in speedos, not disgusted by it, used to deck changing. Ogling other team’s guys in my free time

I am from peeing in the pool when we cannot get out.

I know the best feelings are dropping a second off a race, scoring a goal, stuffing a shot, or stealing the ball.

I am from funny looking caps and tight swim suits.

            Bathing suit burn and bruised legs

            Eating goldfish and drinking chocolate milk.

            The empty soreness I get from being in the pool for four hours.

I am from stories that teach lessons, not just books but family stories,

            Told by my uncle.

I am from Narnia, Middle Earth, Alagasia, and Hogwarts.

I am from imagination, joy, and love.




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