Thu, 10/03/2013 - 16:15 -- kimy

I'm confused. I thought I was safe? Now I have to run just to get away. I made a mistake. 

Just last night. I thought I could do whatever I like. But now I feel some sense of shame. 

I wonder if he even knows my name. It was an accident. Something I should regret. 

But in my mind, I'm just full of prospect. I wonder if something's growing. 

Right inside of me. I wonder if I have time. Before anyone else can see. 

I know there's a place. Where I can get checked. But what if that place is just full of regrets.

I'm thinking of a story. Once upon a time. A girl went to a park and found that she could 

Climb. Climb, climb, climb! Right to the top. Then the story makes a quick stop.

She's playing around and meets a nice young boy. Who asks her why she's being so coy. 

She tries to play it off real cool, but she ends up feeling just like a fool. She says she's not

Shy. The boy asks why. And in her attempt of trying to be daring, she says she can

Show him better than she's telling. And from there the story unfolds. It becomes a giant 

Mess of legends untold. This girl becomes a victim of sex. That's why I feel 

My story is complex. Because in my wrongs, I found a right. That even though it was

My fault, I can still fight. Every day will be a challenge after this, but I know that God will

Purify me if I confess. And I'm sorry it just hit me, but now I know it was wrong and 

Reading all these verses helps me get further along. I promise I won't do it again, and 

Please Lord just bless me with some helpful friends. I've been waiting to see. All day 

I've been waiting to see. Maybe just maybe I won't have a baby. 

So I prayed and prayed. All night long. And in the morning my nightmare was wrong. 

I was going to be okay. And I was going to live a different way. So thank You Lord 

For saving me.


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