Wed, 04/15/2015 - 23:27 -- aswift

In pain and in


There lies a common thread . . .

The struggles that it took to get there . . .

The testimony of those who bled

In one way or another.


That is one lesson

My mother taught me.

And she also said that "surrender, in its place . . ."

Could sometimes, somehow

Lead to destiny.

Surrendering to change

Surrendering to patience

"Surrenderng to authority?"

I asked my mother sweetly.


She said never to wait

For someone to "let" me do


Except for her.


I laugh as I think back

And reflect on her style of teaching.

I remember her lessons.

I remember how far-reachng they were

And are.


She possesses a certain Spark

That guiding star in her heart that

Mothers have.

I wonder where she

Got that.

I wonder where Maya

Got hers.



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