May I Now Say Never?


Once upon a time there was a cute little singer on the web

Amazing voice and had the destiny to be a celeb  

Came up from nothing but caught the eyes of many peeps 

Girls to be exact and they brought him to the peek

Of the Charts even, mountains and in Mozambique 

Got contacted by so many through the computer

Stumbled across a nice manager named Scooter

He started off with a beautiful hit called one time  

So pleasant to your ears felt like a glorious crime 

When everyone saw the video they respected his grind

And wanted him to succeed so they became the stairs to his climb

Seems like overnight this kid became a mega superstar

It happened so quick that it was almost bizarre 

When Baby came out it was apparent that billionaire-ism wasn’t that far 

Going to his concerts and seeing him play the guitar

Made girls look like insane apes on a monkey bar 

So many hits times 20 million more fans

Equals a crazy teenager and an even loonier man

From cussin out paparazzi from a moving minivan 

Or dressing like there’s a sack of crap in his pants  

He stays livin by Drake’s saying  yolo

Open mouth and insert foot is his new motto

His Arrogance is the cherry topping to his gelato

But gets mad when people point the arrow

In his area and his spot of direction

Can’t see what’s really inside of his reflection   

A man on the outside who looks like pure perfection

Until you realize what he’s doing to kids in years of adolescence  

Will he stay on top, well by the looks of the present?  

He’ll crash and burn end up with four walls made of cement  

2013 is his first and biggest descent

Only because he’s getting into his true R-Rated content  

Music excelled but attitude seemed a little too bent 

And underwent a never before seen defiance   

Never Say Never was an over achiever

But now I feel like I’m viewing the casket as a griever

For the career of a man who tried to fit in and became a retriever  

When I first saw you, bright lights, and heat stokes I had a fever

I deemed you as a winner a real Billboard leader

Seems like on March 1 somebody reached for the meat cleaver

When you hit 18 you thought it was a reliever

But all you did is disappoint all of your fans as the receivers

But most of all you lost your number one Belieber












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This is a great commentary on how celebrities don't always act appropriately, and how that really changes how everyone else in society views them. Your rhyme scheme's great and I think the title's realy clever. Have you read any of the clerihew poems (short poems that make fun of celebrities) on the site? Check 'em out in the Resources section! 

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