A Matter of Yes and No

Have you wondered if they know?
Do you know if they care?
Or do they see your name and just move on?
Forget you were there, forget you exist,
Were you only a name they simply missed?
The application process, it’s hard;
It’s a gamble, it’s a game.
It’s the very thin line between poverty and fame.
Will they notice you?
To them, will you stick out?
Or are you just another name in yet another list
Of essays they’d rather not read
Or of those they can’t resist.
Make your paper shine,
Let them know you’re here.
Do not let them decline.
This is a game you cannot lose.
It is a matter of yes and no.
Prove to them that you’re great
Make their list matter, not something they will hate.
College, career, scholarship, or job.
They’re all applications, all a game, all a test.
They are the evils that we all detest.
“It will be the death of me!” we claim,
But we cannot let them win
They cannot make us lose.
Yes and no, right and wrong, good and bad.
We will get through it, I promise.
Somehow and someway.
This application process,
We will get through it one day.


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