I have fallen in love with you.


In such a

raw entanglement of souls,

I have tumbled and touched and

Wanted to touch

Every not so round corner and

Edge and

Found myself drawn to every single

Seam and stitch and

Hidden pocket of what you



Irresistibly attached to the idea

The need

For those things and places and

My favorite spots of you to

Always be my own; my home.

Just as the desire shouts for me to

Always be yours in the

Simplest and most not so simple of



I want my hands,


To be glued to you in such a way two

Careless children may end up attached at

The crafting table when being too reckless

With the glue.


I will take everything with

You, all of which you will allow.

Simple, challenging, easy, coping.

No matter the definitions I will

Place at different experiences and trials and

Times of our life,

I will add another button here or

Stitch there to

Always make it manageable.

I will do anything to make sure

My greatest artwork

Stays in place.


You are my world.

And every single one of my quilted,

Tightly fabricated stars. 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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