The Masks & The Illness

Picture painting on a smile 

Beautiful brushstrokes create compelling art 

But it hasn't been real in a while 

So the artistry begins to fall apart 


Welcome to the Illness 

It kills this realness

Dominating your mind's own perception

And forces the symptoms to be hidden 


Welcome to the Mask  

You should acquaint this torturous tool of the Illness 

That make its chains last 

A necessity of levity used to kill brilliance 


Welcome to the life of thousands 

The majority so ignored 

Because the Mask has led to mountains 

Of Infected unimplored 


Our ranks stretch across nations 

Yet still we go unknown 

The crippling power of the Illness 

Has taken seat on our heart's throne 


And the Mask along with it 

We use it to feel free 

Illusionary brushstrokes 

Shouting "All is well with me" 


We let this mask rule 

It influences all our lives 

We laugh and joke and smile 

All the while wishing we could die 


This is the affect of the Illness 

It never truly will let go 

Of our mental battlefield for perseverance 

Our Mask is both friend and foe 


Welcome to the Illness 

I am fully in it's grasp 

Painted beautifully accurate smiles 

Caving fully to the Mask 


All the while while I laugh

I could be craving bullets blast 

The Illness turned me into halves

And I'm just praying that I can last


So welcome to the Illness 

Welcome to the realness 

Of depression's aggression pressing 

Agaist the mentality of the suicidal 


So welcome to the Mask 

Welcome to the crash 

When I'm all alone 

No one can stop the bullet blast 


The Illness makes things gray

The Illness makes me pray 

The Illness always stays 

The Illness always preys 


So facing all the gray 

I put a bullethole through my retina 

And pray I killed the mask 

Revealing an ultraviolet spectrum 



Sometimes Death means free 

Sometimes Death means flee 

So before you judge our feats 

Just knows sometimes Death takes me 


Takes us away 

From the Illness 

The Mask 

The pain 


Never call someone selfish who's been self slain

You don't know the Illness 

You don't know how we fain 

Our whole lives 


We embody the mental depravity of the deprived 








This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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