Mask Not Included

Tue, 12/16/2014 - 21:57 -- Junami


I am usually socially awkward,

the mask makes me look handsomely forward.

I love to draw with my friend,

the mask makes my friendships end.

My words will the doves fly, 

the mask make you question me: why?

I will hug you and make your tear dry,

the mask would say," At least I tried."

I lay confused, not knowing who I hould be,

a nerd, with love and potential.

Or be this easily accepted, fool who runs with ignorance as a torrential.

I wonder, you fly on me as if superman were;

but if I'm broken are you still there?

You pull me aside and ask," what do you have to say?"

"If I known you better, I wouldn't act this way, 

therefore, I regret putting on this mask today."  

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