It's Monday

and if you look deep enough 

You'll find my life is rough

But there will always be a part of me

Which you will never see

A part I cover with lies

But when you see my smile, is it in my eyes?

No, because you don't know what's inside

I'm always alone so I died

But with my mask all you see is a broken smile

But you don;t know it's broken without going the extra mile

One day my mask will fall

You'll see I don't stand tall after all

I've pulled and pulled for so long

That all that's left is a broken song

All my hidden tears

Along with the terrible fears

I will break 

And you'll see it was all fake

It's now Tuesday and I have broke

All my words are now choked

It's now Tuesday and my mask has fallen 

You see it but what do you do?

You just stand there laughing at who?

That's right, me

In my vulnerable state I flee

You don't follow

And inside I'm hollow

The perfect life you thought was mine?

Well it was never fine

The tears still haven't stopped falling

I hear footsteps and think,

 "Well, at least there's something"

But I lied, there was nothing

It's now Wednesday and I know what to do

When you've been saving everyone your whole life,

Who will save you?


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