A mask they hide behind

You notice the way they try to make themselves

look small

They try to close in on themselves

You see, I only know this because when the world showed

No mercy

I did this

I know the thoughts they think

All of the hate that can be harbored by one person

You see

I know of the hard blow

That was dealt with them the day they realized they were hated

But you see

There are so many things you can be hated for

Skin Color




And so many more

You start to notice the way they make the bullying sound so normal

How the teachers turn a cheek

Or your fellow peers just laugh

They all see this as some kind of joke

I don't really know if this is a poem

Or if I just needed to finally say something

Because if I didn't 

Isn't that the same as to say it didn't happen

Wouldn't that make me just as evil as them

A mask that I can hide behind

To pretend I'm not 

"One of those"

types of people 


This poem is about: 
My community


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