Laguna of the tinny pearls
As vast as Atlantic and
The heavy palm-leafs
Singing the hidden tune of the wind
I found a conic empty shell
Echoing your name

I still bear in mind
Your offering of the celestial harvest
And the red corral of your necklace
Shining the crystallized blood
The hair; a liquid ebony and
The dress of emerald seaweed

I started to miss a word and
The Peacock feather
I write on Love; only
Disappeared in the darkness
Of the jealous hole

The smell of Iodine all around
Evaporating salt from my Soul’s Ocean
Spreads wishes, whims, longings and
Belongings in an air of your sky

I still recall a white pigeon and
A gold-neb Pelican to bite
My flesh and feed her bird

I still wait the wing-stretched Eagle
To bring the snowdrop circlet
From the Middle Earth for
Our wedding and the Kolibri
Sings silently the repentance
Of my Calla lily

My lips are dry; and my Soul is thirsty
Sophia came to kiss your Pistis
Despite the envy of the evil
I stand powerful as water
I disregard all those who can’t feel but
Ponder instead; on my words and
Never get a clue
Come and meet my longing; who
Demands nothing more than
There you may see the blooming of
The holy mystery as
In unison we make Tantra
A reality; the sacral wedding
Miraj; a reality
Since we went through the Heaven and Hell
So we have fear no more.

We passed through: Knowledge, Destiny and Love
Together beyond Eternity and its dwellings

We are strongly attached to
The Golden cord of Heaven

We realized that God is everything but
Everything isn’t God


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