Marked Forever

Don’t be tricked
Everyone says their clean
But you found out she lied when you got picked
It all blew up like a action scene

She was so enticing; nice lips, nice thighs
Oh she looked like heaven
Best thing you’d ever seen with your eyes
But you got tricked like the others, Devin

Everything about her said yes but your head screamed no
You didn’t listen
Then you gave her a holla “hey yo!”
Now you get shaky when your meds are missin

All your friend tellin’ you “Yeah she badd”
She invited you over for movies
You said No, but changed your mind so she wouldn’t look so sad
It was a rap what she did to you that night was a doozie

You went raw
It was the greatest feeling, for just that night
People said what she had but you just shook your head nah
What’s done in the dark comes to the light

A simple check up at the doctor
Some blood work
You weren’t expecting a positive from the proctor
When you found out you went bizerk!

Thinking how could you get HIV
Didn’t rap it up
Now your stuck with this disease
Scared if your little sister drinks from your cup

This could turn to AIDS
What does your future hold
Death? this can’t be covered up with band-aids
Its all too bold

It wont just go away like Magic’s
You have to understand anybody could have it


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