For Manifest, I Wake

Here I am present,

the tiny infats who die,

from unfit "Parents".


Here I am the Light,

the Savior for the abused,

so many children.


Who am I, you ask?

the paralegal, for preyed.

To Special Victims...


I say, Justice is

near, but for others, I fear.

Helping is my job.


For that, I do try.

But I think of the others,

that one other child.


The girl who hugs, that

small teddy bear close--to her

as Uncle--Enters.


I wake, for RIGHT now.

My quest is so clear to me,

Manifest is not,


"Here I Am" for this,

Manifest is "I, Am Here".

Here for many souls,


these Special Victims.

My Manifest is to help,

Give voices to all--


Give justice to kids,

who have lost their innocence.

In this brutal world,


This reason I wake,

so many others, to save.

I wake, to free--those


coping with, The Pain.

At 5, the day is over.

Still children to save.


Finally, I'm home.

Sleeping?  I'm many...

victims? Still voiceless?







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My community
My country
Our world
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