So they say that the depression is manic up so high in mind I panic,

they lie it happens, I die in fractions, Infactuated, emancipated, emancipation 

I want with patience, depression's the vaugest in 2016 depression's so ancient.

The fakest form, the strangest so far from norm so brainless and at this moment i can't

take it. My thoughts be racin race car races with each other. One's my soul needing

rainbow colors and stitches, soul so broken it glitches, soul so open has sympathy

for the poor, to riches but not for myself and none of this helps, not the shrink,

not the meds, I'll never believe what anyone says when they say, they the can

make nightmares go away when they say, they have new souls inside sitting

on display when they claim, happiness... and shooting stars and cars that take you

far I'll still remember the static. When they say, that the deppression is manic.

-Joi ThePoet

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