Sticks and stones will break my bones,
But names will never hurt me
The heart has no bones,but i feel
It breaking
They say however the long the night is,
The dawn will break but i don't think so
I'm still inthe dark,the sun isn't shining

I hate it,
My heart is torn and sored
Sorrowed by the son she bore
But I won't cry over spilt milk,
Kokila, the bird of spring,
Why do you sing,
Your love provoking song,
When he is gone,gone and gone forever,
Only his memories left

Sleep is reconciling,so i will stay indoors
Hold his pillow tight just to feel his cologne
To dream of the love and rest
Wake up knowing the dream has passed
To trust an unknown good
To hope but all will be in vain

©mum's dota
Bleeding heart ❣

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