A Man, A Voice, and A Prayer

After a day of work,

A man parades around in a strip club

With several empty bottles

And women in front of him.

A Comforting Voice inside begs him to pray for a way home,

But the man slurs aloud while lifting his chin,


"I'm busy right now.

I don't want to pray.

I have to continuously walk on

To the path that I made

To become the man I wanted be

In the land of the free.


Lord, look at the house and the job you gave me.

I don't want to go home to a life not so luxurious.

I need to go put my time and money into pleasurable things

Like beer, gambling, and girls so I can be victorious."


The night went on and on

Until the break of dawn.

The man dragged himself home finally

To his depressed, worried family.

His wife with tears streaming down her face

Says, "I have news... I'm pregnant, Babe."


The man jumps up in anger

With his eyes popping out of his head

About to yell at his wife

For what she had said...


But a Great Voice inside of the man begged him to pray.

Though the Voice was muffled by a cloud of rage,

The Healing Voice called out to the man to pray for faith.

Unfortunately, like a stubborn mule, the man shouted in vain,


"I'm busy right now.

I can't stop and pray

I have to continuously walk on

To the path that I made

To become the man I wanted to be

In the land of the free.


I can't stand my wife for she doesn't do anything.

All she does is cook, clean, and make more children to feed.

God, I need to go find me a real woman

Who can meet all of my needs without putting me in a bind financially."


In a huff and puff,

The man packed up his stuff.

He left out the door leaving his wife and kids behind

Without giving them a kiss or a hug goodbye.


A Fatherly Voice inside of him begged him

To turn around and go back to his family

And to pray for strength within tragedies.

The man rolled his eyes and began to speak,


"I had so many bills to pay.

I had too many children to feed.

I don't have to worry now that it is just me.

Lord, leave me alone and let me be.


I'm busy right now.

I can't stop and pray

I have to continuously walk on

To the path that I made

To become the man I wanted to be

In the land of the free."


The Voice spoke no more

And let the man be...

But since the man did not listen

There came the Devil with destruction,

Hell, and life's worse tragedies.


The man searching for a life luxurious,

Gave up his wife for a stripper in heels,

And his job to become a poker player

To pay off bills.


Everything was going well,

Until he lost all of his money playing poker games.

Even more, the stripper left him in a hotel,

Brokenhearted and unknowingly with AIDS.


After losing everything,

From his job to his family,

The man broke down into tears

While on his knees,


"Lord, I need you now.

Please lean down and listen to me as I pray.

I will stop walking my own path

And walk the path you made for me.

Please forgive me and make me a godly man

So that I can be set free."


The Forgiving Voice inside

Declared in glee,

"I forgive you my child

And you are set free!"


The man walked on grateful

Since that day

With a new life

Of good change.


The man did not gain back his wife,

But he did get love and support from his family.

The man did gain back his job, but instead of

Wasting his money at strip clubs and gambling

He put forth his money into his children's education,

Church, several charities, and nursery for his newborn baby.


The man had now changed

And did not want a "luxurious" life,

But to give love to all in his last days

So he prayed and he prayed and he prayed... 



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

the power of god and prayers

will help you through it all

well said

very powerful msg


Thank you! I just experienced a rough time in my life and was trying to walk my own path. God taught me that I will not succeed down the path that I am going if I do not pray and trust in him whole heartily. So after so much suffering, I let go of the path I planned for myself and prayed to God to show me His way. From then on, my days became happier and blessed all because of prayer and my trust in God. Thank you velezjrrobert for commenting on my poems and thank you for receiving their messages well! God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!!!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

let's collaborate together in writing a poem together

what do you say?


Definitely!!! I left my email address on my poem "I thought...". Can't wait to collaborate:)!!!


Beautiful! I love how you turned this poem into a story that says so much. It's about a troubled man in search of luxury but instead finds tragedy, rejecting God and his family. One thing that is so wonderful about this poem is that you show how God accepts and loves everyone even those who have turned against him. Great job and thank you for allowing God to use you! :)


Thanks:)!!! That is what I try to do through every poem. I seek to express God to leave all readers with His message. Im glad you like my poem and received His message well. God bless you and keep writing on my friend:)!!!

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