Man In The Dark (a Mind Full Of Thoughts)

Inspired by Anthonette

At the beginning of sunset, I sit on top of the parapet
struggling to ignore a mind full of thoughts.
The memory of a special loved one from the distant past
Still haunts my head perplexingly.
I peer through the dimness of dusk hopelessly,
Yet I can’t rule out the possibility that I’ll see her before long.

Although I’m not preparing for bad news at this time,
I don’t fear what the future will bring.
Electric lights adorn the nearby mountainous region
providing me with a spectacular view.
I’m disturbed, pensive, drowning in deep meditation.
I don’t feel like talking to anybody indefinitely.

A tear-jerking music is playing on the mp3 player
while I’m ingesting a cold non-alcoholic beverage.
Various thoughts keep flowing through my confused mind.
It’s a lonely but fascinating hour, I must add.
Sadly, I’m here in the absence of a mate once again.
I occasionally experience regret and a spell of anxiety.

Something about the darkness consoles me in an unusual way.
I’m reserved and unheard as the silence of the night.
You could easily understand why a friend of mine called me,
‘Man in the dark.’
However unthoughtful her comment might have seemed,
I had to accept it with a grin.

This bittersweet outcome isn’t really what I intended,
My pleasant but painful mental picture of her refuses to fade.
Nevertheless, I’ll have to make do with this strange routine.
Regrettably, at the beginning of tomorrow’s twilight
I’ll go back on the balcony and begin my endless journey
through a mind full of thoughts.


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