Tue, 01/07/2014 - 19:12 -- jrubi62

Don't it seem like I'm Always there when it matters,

Mama why are you crying, you'll laugh again.

 Things  get rough but I know the answer to make it easy.

Ill be back to take you with me, 

fever running i feel the heat between us to,

Love is nothing to fear, but mama those tears

Tears that pain Ill be sure to take away

Make you feel like you're at home, Don't be scared I'm here to help.

I feel the screaming coming mama please, No

I've had enough today and its only noon

because know that ill be leaving soon 

Ill come back 10 times stronger then I am today .

I'm so confused I know  we deserve more 

Working hard to be the person who people said i wouldn't be. 


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